Move Over, Grandma: 4 Tips for Winning Big at Bingo

For the most part, bingo is a game of chance. The first person to get five numbers in a row and call out bingo wins. However, there are some small things you can do to improve your chances. Take a look a these four tips for winning big at bingo. Move over, grandma — bingo isn’t just for senior citizens. Play Multiple Cards at Once The more cards you play, the better chance you have at being the first person to have five numbers in a row. So, play as many cards as you can handle. However, Read more [...]

Top 3 reasons students drop out of College/University

College isn’t for everybody. While future students often dream about living the university lifestyle – studying during the day and partying during the night – to many the reality is simply too dysfunctional. According to a study conducted by The Education Trust, roughly 37% of students drop out of college during their first year. Of the graduating students, it usually takes an average of six years to finish a higher education course, even though most degree programs only require half that time. College Read more [...]